TEAM helps managers and individuals to take control of their learning portfolio and training compliance.

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Time Saving

Easily track events and receive timely reminders to reduce admin hassle.

Compliance Dashboard

Keep up with all those rules and regulations.

Staff Insights

Make informed decisions to build your team of tomorrow, today!

Record Keeper

One secure home for all your confidential training records. No more scrabbling around for paperwork.

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Learning & Development

Get ahead by researching learning and development pathways.

Increase Engagement

Give individuals the tools and opportunity to grow.

Course Bookings

Track and book courses at a click of a button. We can save you even more time by sourcing great courses on your behalf!

Independent Feedback

Find out what your staff really think of the course!


The Technical Part

TEAM’s system is accessible 24/7 from any device. Whether you prefer laptop, tablet tapping or smartphone swiping, TEAM can help whenever you need and wherever you are.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so there is nothing for your hard pressed IT Team to do. TEAM’s secure, cloud based system means there is no need to install and maintain any software. Feel free to let your technical gurus know you have saved them a job 🙂